Thursday 11.21 Opening Night Gala


The Opening Night Gala will be at the Ellen Noel Art Museum.

Food, wine and beer @ 6:00 pm

Film Screening @ 6:30 pm 

Finding Home in Boomtown

A Documentary Film by Matt Maxwell

Q&A with Matt Maxwell after the screening

Beer provided by Standard Sales Co., LP

Friday 11.22 Education Day

The Education Day will be held in the Jack Rodgers Auditorium.






Brian David Cange

James Fite

Matt Maxwell 

Billy Pon 

Jared Rush

Student Films

Friday 11.22 Football Films


 Football Films will screen in the Jack Rodgers Auditorium.  

6:00 pm Best Chance U 

6:20 pm Now or Never: A Tony Romo Story

Q&A with Chris Hanna, Director/Producer

8:00 pm Friday Night Lights (2009)

Saturday 11.23 WorldView

WorldView will screen in the Jack Rodgers Auditorium

12 noon to 6 pm WorldView Showcase

12 noon The Quiet Shore (USA)

12:30 pm Tank Man (USA)

12:45 Age of Bryce (USA)

1 pm To the Boats (United Kingdom)

1:15 pm Squaring Up (Canada)

1:30 pm Adnan Far From Home (USA), Coffin Decolleté (Egypt)

1:45 pm I Am Not an Actress (Iran)

2 pm How and Why Don Jose Has Vanished (Israel/Spain)

2:15 Tic (USA), You're the Puppett (USA)

2:30 pm Photographs  (Brazil)

2:45 pm Love the Most (Mexico)

3 pm After Work (Cayman Islands)

3:30 pm Cuban Canvas  (Cuba), Iron Freedom Foundation (USA)

4 pm Queen Crocodile (Belgium)

4:30 pm Coming Home (USA)

4:35 pm The Tea at the Bottom of the Pot  (France/Vietnam)

5 pm Cantina (USA)

5:30 pm Inheritance (USA)

6:00 pm Awards Ceremony - Jack Rodgers Auditorium

6:30 pm Honor Chair

7 pm Foster Boy

9:30 The Race of Gentlemen